Camden : Fuck the world, and be what you like !


In Camden town you can do anything you want to” this is the unspoken Camden motto given by a wacky musician. Camden people took it way too seriously and that it what made Camden the coolest town in the world. Where else you can see a 3 feet Doc Marten hanging in mid-air?

The best thing about this town is its people. This place doesn’t care if you are black, white, Punks, Goths, Bohemian, rocker, white, hippy or what so ever. You just need to accept your own self then Camden will accept you with its whole heart. From the first step out in the town everything would be screaming to tell you “Fuck the world, and be what you like”. They are so cool that in bright daylight someone can reach you and offer you to buy some drugs. On your refusal they will simply move on. Where else in the world you can find such thing? You can find no boring old Victorian style architecture here they do not care about that dead old lady. Instead, you will find the buildings covered with all the funky art work ranging from skulls and dragons to enormous sized shoes.

Markets of Camden, are in the best you can find in whole UK. Be prepared to find the abundance of everything in over a 1000 stores. But it would be miles away from the things you see in markets of the rest of London. Idiosyncratic jewelry, glowing T-Shirts, hand crafted furniture all you can find here. Where the hell you can find shops that catered to drug cultures with gas mask bongs, manuals for growing weed and beginner kits for cocaine users apart from this town?

Music is the heart and soul of Camden. It is the home of MTV. Do you need any other evidence of their coolness? It is the home for the best music scene in the whole London linking rock to the mid sixties music. It is packed with small and medium concerts and is like a stair for the new bands. There would only be a few famous bands that didn’t perform here. Proud Camden is one of the biggest but relatively new music venue in the town, but it is fucking awesome with rock history spread over the walls.

Camden does not go on the looks for food. It is for your taste buds, not for the eyes right? There are not many fancy restaurants in Camden but the street food is amazing. Spanish, Indian, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Thai, Japanese Camden is there to fill your appetite with whatever you wish for and all in less than 5 bucks. They even have their own brewery and gin factory and if you want more it is the home of the best pubs in the world.


If you believe that night is only to sleep, then visit Camden once. For them, it’s the best time to party. Booze and beat all along the night is what they say and do. If you like rock and metal music, you can get the best of the world here. There are also plenty of boutique taverns and cocktail bars if you want. In other words, you just cannot resist to stay awake in this town.

Camden is basically depicting the true meaning of freedom. It is not for the diehard conservative people because they never let anyone dictate them. It is there to tell the world that no one has the right to tell them what they should be. It’s only for the people who believe in true human harmony.

By Mary Adams and Céline Schmink

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