Keep your child’s smile healthy !

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Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry is a friendly pediatric & adolescent dental office committed to providing gentle, high-quality care for your children. The experienced dentist, Dr. Olga Dolghier and Lisa Chinn, specializes in pediatric dentistry and loves treating young patients. Also more »


Sun Set and White Pines

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Whenever I am tired of the tumbler, twitter, facebook, YouTube and all other websites, I leave everything and go outside, take a walk into the forest of white pines surrounding the great Centennial Lake. Just after five minutes of walk, more »


I wasn’t born in Mishawaka

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According to local folklore and a statue near town hall, the city of Mishawaka is named after the beautiful young daughter of a Shawnee chief. Grey Wolf, the chief of the Potawatomi people, wanted to marry Mishawaka, but she refused, more »


A Pool In Paradise !

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Sоmе readers оf thiѕ blоg know that I аm раrtiаllу disabled. Wаlking is vеrу painful bесаuse оf реriрhеrаl neuropathy in my fееt аnd lеgѕ. I gеt prescious littlе good еxеrсiѕе wаlking 20 ѕtерѕ and then having tо sit back dоwn more »


Channeling my angels …

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Channeling my angels : a new experience ! Hi guys ! Today I feel like blogging in english and I wanted to tell you about this –> my experience with a medium. My little story about « how I decided to more »