Channeling my angels …

Channeling my angels : a new experience !

Hi guys ! Today I feel like blogging in english and I wanted to tell you about this –> my experience with a medium. My little story about « how I decided to channel my angels » ! It’s not about looking for a psychic or something, no, it’s only about to get in touch with a medium able to channel my angels ! It’s something I really wanted to try since a long time. So I’ve found that woman called Terry. She’s US based. And she offers to channel your angels. She’s not a psychic but just a woman in tune with the Infinite world. She considers herself as an « avenue for the Angels to bring their guidance ». This guidance is efficient for you and others who seek it.

To try new spiritual things

I’m not stranger to hidden esoteric messages… I’m fully in ! Actually I feel like moving forward and changing my life. I need to reconnect my inner Soul to the Universe.  I need to understand why the Universe sent me here, in the middle of the country. I know there’s a plan for me ! I guess I’ve got to fix some things… But which one ? That’s the reason why I try new spiritual things… I also try to open my mind and not to stay stuck in my little ways. I’m a real « doer », always involved in the doingness. But « someone » told me I should try the Beingness too… That’s something I forget sometimes, the Beingness… So it all started by an email and… an order, of course. Medium like shopping too ! Then Terry asked me to send two most important questions. She thanked for giving her the honor to bring angels’messages to me. And she started to channel my angels.

My best questions

Actually I would like to focus on one of my jobs (I have 3 jobs : musician, author and blogger) and I would like to find a new house for my family without really knowing where to go ! North ? South ? Middle of France ? England ? USA ? As soon as I think about it, my mind sounds like… hum… It’s just like a big mix of dreams, desires, unreal paintings and faded memories… That’s the mess my friends !  I’m afraid not to find the fine place to live my new fine life ! That’s why I really needed to talk to my angels !

Here are my two questions to channel my angels and what they have to share with me…

Their best answers

1/ Singing, writing books or blogging ? On which activity should I deeply stay focused during 2017 ? Which one of these outlets may have the best success ?

Dear One,

We suggest that you focus on only those outlets that bring you the most joy…not money, for it is joy that you must begin to follow. In doing that, abundance comes in all forms!

You are very talented and that gift needs to be honored and nurtured. Do not discount the writing of articles for publication. You are most assuredly on the right path in this lifetime.

2/ I’m looking for a new place, somewhere in France, to live in peace with my family. Where should I look for a new home ?

Living in peace does not come from an outside source unless you are first at peace on the inside. We encourage you to mediate and begin to resolve the issues that you have been ignoring. Your past is not you, nor should it define or “cripple” you. Do not allow fear to be in the drivers seat.

We are always communication with you and we do this through your emotions. When you feel good about something, that is us, your Angels, guiding you to do more of whatever that is. When you feel a lack of joy or passion about something, that is also us…saying move away from that choice.

With love and light,
Your devoted Angels


That’s just something great ! They told me exactly what I was thinking of my inner life in my inner Soul. I need joy and not fear. I need peace inside before experimenting peace outside… Here’s a great experienceand communication with my devoted angels. Thank you Terry, thank you angels ! I will deal with Life with a different state of mind today !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !