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Yuccies : a sizzling trend of a brand new class

The world has so far a very obtuse imagination about the hipster trend… Anyone of us can be a hipster which has always been the most wanted trend. Hipsters have the characteristic of fitting within a certain subculture. But all things edgy, the luggage of hipsters, are adopted by the masses such as the dragon tattoos, long beards and blue hair. Hipsters are found working in coffee bars and mostly are musicians, artists, seen at art exhibitions. If generalized, they are vegetarian, listen to indie rock and wear vintage clothes. Just as the world is trying to follow the hipster style there comes a sizzling trend of a brand new class – yuccand

Round sun goggles and extra large sweaters

It is the combination of an over ambitious yuppie and an overpowering hipster. Yuccies have gathered the creative spark from hipsters and have learned the success mantra from the yuppies.  The traits that set the yuccies apart are round sun goggles, jeans worn high on the waist, back packs and extra large sweaters. Their music playground is Spotify and their love food is available in the trucks and caravans such as ice cream and donuts. The most renowned professional choices are IT entrepreneurs and bloggers. This urban population is part of the hipster tribe. The young urban creative population is very much the same in looks and likes of hipster. So what is it that makes them class apart. Basically, they have added a million dollar dimensions to the hipster clan, which is love for money and success. This population has a long romance with brand names, jewels and luxurious cars. This urban population consists of the generation Y who is not only determined to chase their dreams, but also to gain as much as from them.

A strong sense of achievement

Yuuices’ don’t just dream to be rich they do it quick. If lucky, they do graduate otherwise are mostly the ones who consider college where dreams and aspirations are throttled. After graduation, they seldom pursue a conventional career path. So what do they do? Are they mythical gods and goddesses who have hidden treasures? The answer is that they are the entrepreneurial gurus ruling the economy and enjoying the autonomy. Their primary aim is a sense of achievement, authority and leadership.
There is a tradition to put labels on the young generation that thrives in a particular time and place. After the popular hippies, punks, yuppies and the hipsters – there is a breed of creative and tech savvy people.  Mark Zuckerberg leads this population. Yuccies dive in the ocean of wealth with the help of their creativity. Their spirit of entrepreneurship drives them crazy to implement their own ideas rather than working on the plans of others from 9 to 5.

Fingers in many pies

The social media has played a tremendous role in the developing the yuccie culture. The enthusiasm to hold change in your arms has given rise to the new culture of yuccie. The drowning economy and limited job options enabled the creativity to flourish. Yuccies have all their fingers in many pies. They are self motivated and optimistic. They are dreamers unlike hipsters who are ironic…

By Céline Schmink and Mary Adams

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