Sun Set and White Pines

Whenever I am tired of the tumbler, twitter, facebook, YouTube and all other websites, I leave everything and go outside, take a walk into the forest of white pines surrounding the great Centennial Lake. Just after five minutes of walk, the lovely white pines and fresh air imperceptibly starts reenergizing my mind and refreshes me within no time. I start feeling each bit of my surroundings especially when I walk alone.

The sound of water trickling in the stream over and under rocks around and through the long trees, the melody of so many birds singing, dancing, cruising, I can actually hear their wings moved out here. I notice bugs of all shapes, sizes, and color some crawling some simply watching back. Small mammals scurrying to seek shelters from the sound of my unfamiliar heavy steps on fallen leaves, rocks and exposed roots yet go trees creaking in a perfectly choreograph dance with the breeze. The snow beneath them slowly shifting, melting and dripping from the sun’s distinct rays recharges my batteries, resets my clock and restores my perspective.

I believe sitting under towering ancient white pines, watching the scenic view of sun setting is the world fastest way of recharging human brain and derailing his worries, sickness, and tensions. I think everybody needs beauty, places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and share and give strength to the body and soul alike Romeo. Of course, everyone should be so fortunateness to experience the benefits of these white pines forest yet this is not the more the merrier type environment, numbers would diminish the influence.

This region has the honor of containing largest stand of ancient White pine in Ontario. Pine trees are equipped with tremendous features, most of the trees are more than hundred years old but still appears very fresh, and it replaces their needles every two years and strong with a thick bark that can withstand forest fires. Sitting close to the Pine stem under its canopy gives me the same strength it has and refreshes me like its needles. Henry David Thoreau says in Walden “Live in each season as it passes, breath the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit and resign yourself to the influence of the earth”. This philosophy suggests we should appreciate the now and experience it in all its wonder and each of the many seasons of life.

I like it here alone I hesitate to welcome others into my place of comfort for fear of losing the isolation. I need my peace, my solitude, my escape from the high tech, artificial, polluted and noisy surrounding.

Krisia Taylor

Krisia Taylor is from Frontenac County, Eastern Ontario. She did her masters from The University of Toronto in Environnemental sciences and works as a part time freelancer.


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