Etsy And The Overpriced Knit Queens

A hand knit sweater online ?

I remember how my grandma used to knit all sorts of things. I still have the last sweater she did for me. It is warm and beautiful and filled with her love; and honestly, even I love that sweater. So, long story short, I needed a sweater this winter, and the one that my grandmother gave me was making me emotional, so in an attempt to get back that warmth, I started my search for a hand knit sweater online. I browsed a few websites and went through a few stores as well before finally landing on a few Etsy shops.

A Ferrari on Etsy !

Now, etsy in itself is a super fantastic place. It has allowed people to get online and sell their things. It’s cool how people create things on their own and then sell them. However, some shops are cooler than others. Why? Because they sell handmade goods, just like everyone else but at a premium price. For example, the knitted sweaters I am talking about, some of them were as premium as a Ferrari while others were like the Porche and Lamborghini of the sweaters.They were cute and delicate and had a lot of charm, but at the end of the day, you will not wear them regularly because premium things are bought once in a lifetime.

Several miles of stupidity !

Talking about my lifetime, I still have to travel several miles of stupidity to purchase a hand knit sweater for 100 dollars, when I know that I can get a suit at the same price or even lower and not worry about looking ‘too handsome’. The last thing that came to my mind before I closed that Etsy page was the financial loss that my family has faced due to my grandmother’s death. Her knitting skills and my photoshop skills would have killed the internet, and we would have been like the Armani of hand knit sweaters…


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