Why we all have the fantasy to live in a Victorian House ?


The Victorian house is a kind of house that developed during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). These houses are usually built from wood of red wood and typically have three floors, a tower octagonal or round and a porch. San Francisco is one of the cities where Victorian homes can be seen. During Industrial Revolution many million houses were built which are now defining feature of most British towns and cities. The Victorian era spawned several well- known styles, including Gothic revival, Italianate, Second empire, Queen Anne, Stick style and Shingle style. The Victorian houses were built to impress, and they are still impressive today. People are interested to buy a Victorian style of houses. The Victorian houses that are so popular today with all their splendor and fancy appearance, only disclose a small part of how Victorian children lived. These were the houses where wealthy children lived in. There were vast differences between Victorian homes for poor and rich people. Would you dream to live in a Victorian house ? Usually, the answer is : « Yes, I want! » … Let’s understand why…

 Some fancy features about Victorian Houses:

  • At the beginning of Queen Victoria’s Reign only very wealthy people had running water and boilers, however, they were quite common at the end of the Victorian era.
  • There were cellars for storage of coal to be used as fuel in winter.
  • Proper drainage system and waste disposal facilities were provided. People had toilet facilities. Settlements were brought into focus on cleanliness and access to basic sanitation.
  • Gas powered lighting was common in most homes which were later upgraded to electric lights.
  • Houses built out of bricks local stones, timber and straw, could be built of bricks from Bedfordshire and slate from North Wales. In all parts of the country same material was used due to the development of railways which allowed transportation of materials.
  • These houses had sash windows and were built in the form of terraced housing or detached buildings.
  • The people of the Victorian era were used to entertain themselves as there was no television or any other source of entertainment. The famous forms of entertainment were to dress up in outrageous costumes.
  • Victorian houses for the upper class tended to have accommodation for servants. Often provide their services to keep houses, including fireplace, clean and wee stocked.
  • Rich people fared much better during Victorian times with spacious homes with warm well decorated rooms.
  • Poor people generally lived in very cramped housing and the entire family had to live in one room. Even in those areas where people moved close to factories to find work, many families occupying two up and two down houses. There were often no waste disposal systems so rubbish was tipped out onto the street.
  • Paint color on the antique walls was said to be based on the use of the room. On the ceilings that were8-14 feet the color was tinted three shades lighter than the color that was on the walls and usually have a high quality of ornamentation.
  • Old interior of Victorian houses was worth seeing.

Unconscious mind …

Yes, the Victorian house was mainly built to impress, that’s why we all have the fantasy to live in such a house. That’s not easy to believe but your unconscious mind is running your life. And it’s especially true about your home. We all want to act as rich people and even living in a small flat in a big Victorian house may help to catch a part of the Dream …

By Mary Adams & Céline Schmink

Photo : Céline Schmink

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