You will leave Vichy a happy and healthy person !

Vichy is one of the most historically rich cities in France in relation to the World War ll. However, one cannot help but admire the broad skyline and lakes that make up for a wonderful destination for holidays. There are many healthy activities that will help you wind down and relax while you are on a vacation in Vichy. One of the many attractions of Vichy is its waters and lakes which give it an extraordinary quality that attracts tourists and travelers from all around the world.

Lac d’Allier

If you are visiting Vichy, you must make it a priority to visit the Lac d’Allier which is Lake of Allier in French. You can enjoy many activities like swimming and canoeing along with appreciating the marvelous beauty of nature. Springs of Vichy town are not limited to one lake only as there are over ten springs with naturally sparkling water. Eau de Vichy Celestin is one of the ten springs which attract tourists to visit this beautiful and healthy town in France.





It seems like health, beauty and relaxation are all packed in one town when you are in Vichy. It is not only the sparkling water in the springs that will rejuvenate you inside out, but there are many spa hotels to visit. Whether it is weight loss, relaxing massage, anti-aging treatments self-awareness, back-pain cure or anti-smoking programs, you will notice a boost of positive energy radiating all around. One of the many hotels that offer such services is the Vichy Celestins Spa Hotel. You will get the treatment worth the money you spend in this luxury hotel. They offer many different services beside accommodation to make your trip a memorable time.

L’Opera de Vichy

Another place to visit while you are in Vichy is L’Opera de Vichy where you can watch different show and concerts for entertainment. This opera house displays cultural and historical richness as well as shows off beauty of ancient architecture. A place is most defined by their display of art and history and if you are a fan of both you will not be disappointed.



Grand Marche de Vichy

Grand Marche de Vichy is a market where you can taste and explore different food items. You will instantly be cheered by the colorful market and light atmosphere. When you are on a trip to a new town the best part is surprising your taste buds with new food which is exactly what this food market offers.Beside these fascinating things, you will find many diners and bars to let loose and enjoy the vibrant life at Vichy. You will feel the beauty of nature infused in every single thing which is the most important aspect of visiting this small town in France. You can also buy souvenirs at gift shops or go to relax at thermal spas. Vichy is all about regaining your lost mental or physical health. No matter what kind of health issue you are facing, you can rest assured that by the time your trip is over, you will leave Vichy a happy and healthy person, mentally, physically and spiritually.





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